Headlight Modulator Installation.

I purchased the Kisan PathBlazer headlight modulator.

I choose this brand and model because it is plug and play. No cutting wires. As you can see, this unit is very small, and it plugs right inline in the headlight wires.

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Headlight removal:

There is a screw on each end of the front chrome trim. It is located under the mirror rubber boot. So starting with the mirrors, loosen the rubber boot from the bezel and then remove the bezel. You might be able to work the bezel around and remove the needed screw with out removing the bezel, however, I have enough chips and scratches in mine, so I removed it.
The mirror bezel. Loosen the boot.

The mirror bezel. There is a metal clip at the bottom of the bezel.

The bezel can be worked off over the mirror to get it out of the way.

The bezel has been removed.
This is the screw that holds the chrome in place.
There is one on each side.
The screw.

The chrome piece lifts and slides to your right as you face it. Removed.

The hooks that hold the chrome trim. Remove these screws to remove the lower trim.

Lower trim removed. Two bolts on top.

Upper bracket removed. Remove the two lower bracket bolts.

The headlight slides out. The plug where the modulator plugs in.

The modulator plugs in one way. This wire goes back through the fairing.
It is the daylight sensor.

Run the wire through the fairing. Mount the daylight sensor.

Plugged in. Headlight back in place. You can see the modulator hanging.

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