Jimmy Martino - Evangelizing in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Jimmy at the Evangelization Table

What is a Catholic Evangelist?

I was born into a Catholic family, and I was taught the Catholic faith in bits and pieces. For most of my life I practiced my faith in a lukewarm way, mostly because it was what I was taught. But I developed a thirst for knowledge. As I began to study the Christian faith, I learned that there is so much more than I ever imagined. Yes, Catholics are Christians, too. The depth and beauty of Christianity drew me in. Now I want to share that faith with with you.

Today, I participate in an public evangelization ministry called St. Paul Street Evangelization. In fact, I'm the team leader for the Tidewater, Virginia local team. If you are visiting this website, perhaps you have met me in a public place, or perhaps you know me from Church or work and are curious about what it is that I'm doing.

Today our team sets up a small stand in a local park on a regular basis and talks to people, sharing the gifts of Jesus with people around us. But, perhaps even more important, we are growing our ability and confidence to share our faith, and the Church that Jesus gave us, with people around us wherever we go.

Jimmy with the team

What brings you here?

I have questions about the faith.
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I'm interested in learing about Evangelizing.
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